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Here’s the truth:
There’s a fundamental lack of understanding about the BS of HR and how you end up at WTF every time. 
My Approach?
We start with your reality rather than the corporate script.
Every time.
People Brilliance Officer
: One who exposes the gifts of each team member and thereby also contributes to a collective shine.
Who I Am:

I’m a sassy, straight-talking People Brilliance Strategist with 25 years experience, a lot of certifications... and scars from my own beautiful, soul-busting journey. With one hand rooted firmly in the corporate world and the other in a yoga pose, my kind of woo woo leads to sustained transformation.

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Chris Caren, CEO at Turnitin

Chris Caren

CEO at Turnitin

“Anne led the HR team as the Chief People Officer at Turnitin for 4 years and in addition to functional expertise, my lasting impression is her deep commitment to building a culture of authenticity.  Anne is direct yet kind; she tells it like it is and always leads with a unique combination of strength and vulnerability.”

Old Way:

Reward hard work with external promises of titles, pay and privilege.

New Way:

Anticipate human needs, help people grow, and offer an experience, so they have intrinsic motivation to do their best.

The Truth:

It’s a blend of both, but your spirit must be planted firmly in the new way.

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Andrew Messick


Anne brought us a stronger focus on our culture and our people strategies and processes.  We had a solid HR foundation - people were being hired and paid and everyone knew the rules to play by.  What was missing was the emphasis on culture, leadership style, and organizational development.  Anne helped us develop a deeper understanding of our business, leadership and our people.  Anne is my partner and a vital sounding board for making better organizational decisions and to guide the IRONMAN Group to an even stronger culture.  For a company like us, that is not quite ready for a full time Chief People Officer, Anne plays a powerful role is helping us get better.

Chris Caren

CEO at Turnitin

“Anne led the HR team as the Chief People Officer at Turnitin for 4 years and in addition to functional expertise, my lasting impression is her deep commitment to building a culture of authenticity.  Anne is direct yet kind; she tells it like it is and always leads with a unique combination of strength and vulnerability.”

Jeff Slater

Former Colleague, Marketing Strategist

“Anne managed the human resources department at Nomacorc. As my coach,  she would quietly listen to me blather on about all my challenges, then pause and share just a few words of extraordinarily practical advice. Her insight was like a calming blanket every time.” 

“If you need executive coaching, leadership development training, strategic human resource help, or team-building facilitation, Anne provides insight, inspiration, and integration. Here are my three words. Hire Anne Robie.”

Kirsten Hoefer

COO, Core

Anne brought the Enneagram to life for our team. There is so much you can do with the system - it is rich - and she made it digestible and helped us know where to start. She helped us understand and appreciate each other, and gave us actionable ideas to improve our communication and collaboration.

Michael Smith

VP Physician Practice Management, Carolinas East

“Anne’s customized "leadership" training for my physicians exceeded expectations. I put leadership in quotes because it was so much MORE than that. We all left with a greater understanding of who everyone was as a person and where they were in their own journey. It was a personal and professional transformation. I can’t wait to have Anne work with my team again!”

Mike Mitrione

CTO at Turnitin

I engaged Anne as an executive coach and found our time together to be extremely valuable for my personal development.  I really appreciate her  balance between the strong and the soft; she has a knack for knowing when to push and when to give space. We worked through some meaty topics together and I feel more equipped as a leader in our dynamic environment.  If you are seeking to make sustained change, I highly recommend Anne as an executive coach.

Sherry Essig

Executive and Life Coach

For more than a decade, I’ve partnered with Anne in multiple capacities ranging from co-facilitating strategic conversations with a leadership team to co-leading yoga / coaching workshops. She’s a phenomenal facilitator and has the presence, energy, and patience to hold the space for whatever is happening in the room. When she added the Enneagram into her repertoire several years ago, I watched her dive in with the same enthusiasm she brings to everything she does. I knew her Enneagram work was good, but I couldn’t fully appreciate how good until I took on my own course of study. Yeah, she really knows her stuff!

Steve Zhao

CEO, SandboxVR

Anne's superpower is her ability to quickly assess talent and analyze team dynamics, which has helped me structure the company to be more productive and people-aligned.

Vanessa Loder

Women’s Leadership and Mindfulness Expert

As a facilitator, Anne offers a unique blend of practical insights and in-depth knowledge with an open-hearted vulnerability that makes this material both impactful and relatable. Anne led our group through an Enneagram workshop and received rave reviews from all the participants who found it helpful both for their own personal development, and that of their colleagues. While I had been familiar with Enneagram before the workshop, it was Anne’s personal stories, ability to read and understand her audience, and the passion and authority with which she delivers the Enneagram material that created many moments of a-ha’s for myself and the team. I strongly recommend Anne as a facilitator, coach and Enneagram expert. She is worth her weight in gold!

where do you find yourself?

The Challenge:

You squeezed money out of the budget and created a strong, tactical HR team.  You've met hiring, on-boarding, and ops management needs.  Now there’s a new gap: People Strategy. It’s too early for a Chief People Officer, but you need to scale, increase employee engagement and create a meaningful company culture. And fast. 

The Approach:

An on-demand, part time Chief People Officer.

The Challenge:

Your peeps are talented and paid well. Customers are solid. Your company gives back. There’s beer in the fridge. All the pieces are in place. But your culture is NOT amazing. Everyone seems to be working hard at the cutting edge of...mediocrity. The environment feels flat. Why? 

The Approach:

A deeper understanding of your people and what’s actually going on.

The Challenge:

You’re a high-performer--always have been, but now you’re muscling through the monotony. You’re checked out. It’s not the job--it’s YOU. Are you playing small? Are you blocked? You KNOW you should listen to the whispers so you don’t have to hear the screams, but what are they saying?

The Approach:

A no-bullshit-but-hella-compassionate style of coaching.

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